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Bothwell Historic State Park near Sedalia Missouri is a jewel hidden on a mountaintop off of I-70.  You missed a wonderful experience if you didn’t go with our kids’ church group June 20th!
John Bothwell received his law degree from the University of Indiana and decided to settle and become a lawyer in Sedalia.  If you would visit Sedalia today, there are any buildings with John’s name on them due to his benevolence.
Today the Bothwell Lodge is run by the State of Missouri and one of our former mem-bers, Jill White, is in charge of the rangers of the park. They gave us a super tour of the home!
John was ahead of the times because he had air conditioning in his “small” home via a cave!  Did you know you could make a standard piano into a player piano via an attachment rolled up to the piano?  Yep, back in the 1930’s! He also recycled… he used newspa-pers as placemats.  When they got wet… he crumpled them up and put them in the stove.
Folks – you just must connect with your church kids… they find so many neat things to do!

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