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A couple of weeks ago, our little church put on vacation Bible school for the children in our area. Bailey Mills did a wonderful job of putting the event together and leading throughout the week. We had an average turnout of around a dozen children, which is pretty good considering this was our first VBS in several years.

Our theme was “Castles and Crowns”, so the lessons centered around kings and queens from the Bible. Each night we had a different storyteller to tell the children about that night’s king or queen.

Recreation time consisted of games either from or inspired by medieval time games and tournaments. The children really enjoyed the games and getting to run around outside at the church each night.

Carrying the “Castles and Crowns” theme into the crafts, the children made crowns and treasure chests. They also made picture frames and Bible covers that were a great fit for the Bibles they each received on the last night of VBS.

All in all, VBS was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for all involved, from the youngest child to the adult workers. It was a very tiring week, but it was well worth it to share God’s love with the next generation.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who helped make VBS as special as it was: Bob and Jean Hon, Gary and Connie Maasen, Ken and Naomi McFee, Mike and Shelley Riddle, Connie Hickman, Pastor Chaviano, Bill and Helen McGinnis, Connie Thomas, Judy Schiefelbusch, Coleen Vest, Joyce Reeden, Teri Bradbury, and Bailey and Brian Mills.

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