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If you’ve read the May edition of Oak Grove News, then you should already be familiar with the Sabbath Manifesto and the challenge I issued to all the church members to unplug this Sabbath, May 8th.  If you haven’t read the newsletter, you can find it by clicking here (PDF link).

The challenge is simple:  turn off, unplug, or otherwise disconnect yourself from all unnecessary technology for one day and spend that day focusing on your relationship with God and with your friends and family.  In the newsletter article I suggested singing with the Sunshine Band, but that’s been postponed a week.  The other ideas of taking a stroll in Burr Oak Woods or visiting with friends after church will still work for good activities for an unplugged day.  If going for a stroll sounds too unrelaxing, take your Bible with you to Burr Oak Woods and spend some time studying God’s word while enjoying His creation.  Whatever you decide to do, the only rules for the challenge are that it doesn’t include technology (a car to get you there is fine) and that it helps to draw you closer to God.

If you plan to take the challenge, hop on over to the church Facebook page and RSVP to the challenge event.  Let’s see how many people we can get to unplug for a day and focus on their Creator!

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