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PostHeaderIcon Church Service Cancelled

There will be no church service this Sabbath, December 26, 2009, due to the weather conditions. We will resume our normal schedule of services next week.

PostHeaderIcon December Newsletter

The December edition of Oak Grove News is now available for download here.

PostHeaderIcon Twitter and Facebook, Oh My!

Guess what! Now you have two more ways to keep up with what’s going on at the Oak Grove SDA Church online! That’s right. Now, in addition to reading our blogs and listening to sermons on the website, you can follow us on Twitter and become our fan on FaceBook! Just click the links in this post or find the icons at the bottom of the left-hand navigation column on the website to connect with us on those external networks.

Have a great week and a blessed Thanksgiving!

PostHeaderIcon Baptism Service

Today was a very special Sabbath at the little stone church on the corner in Oak Grove, Missouri.  Today twelve people either made or reconfirmed their commitments to Christ, eleven by baptism and one by profession of faith, and one couple reconfirmed their commitment to each other in addition to getting baptized.  Several more people are continuing to study and will hopefully be making the same commitment in the coming weeks or months.

Two years of planning and preparation, and a very busy month of meetings on the subject of prophecy led up to today’s events, and we couldn’t be happier with the results of our prayer and hard work.  The church members spent countless hours praying for God’s leadership and reaching out to the community, and Jason Sliger from Amazing Facts brought the word of God night after night at the meetings, and now God has brought forth the harvest from all the seeds that were planted along the journey.

The meetings may be over now, but it is our hope and prayer that the work continues on as we await Christ’s soon return!

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PostHeaderIcon New Bible Study Class

This coming Wednesday, November 18th, we will be starting a new Bible study class which will cover in more detail many of the topics from the prophecy seminar that is concluding tonight.  This will be a once a week meeting, with more of a discussion format than the seminar had.

If you came to a few of the seminar meetings and left with unanswered questions or would just like to know more about what the Bible says on these topics, this would be an excellent study for you to attend.  You’ll be able to ask questions as each study meeting progresses, rather than waiting until the end of the meeting.

We hope to see you all there this Wednesday as Jason Sliger begins these studies with a lesson entitled: “The Eyes Of The Church,” which will discuss the historical methods God has used to raise up prophets, both in the Bible and in more recent history.

PostHeaderIcon Prophecy Seminar Begins Tonight

Ever wonder if what is going on the world these days is part of something bigger?  Ever wonder if all the natural disasters, wars, and unrest in the world is leading up to something?  Come on out tonight to the Grain Valley Community Center for the first meeting in the seminar “A Revelation Of Prophecy”, presented by Jason Sliger of Amazing Facts.  The seminar runs for four weeks and will help to explain prophecy, current events, and other topics using Biblical truth.

We understand that you have a busy life and finding time to attend these meetings is tough, so the meetings will be as short as possible while still providing good quality teaching each night.  The meetings are free of charge, and free childcare will also be provided to make it easier for families to attend.

Whether you’ve been in church your whole life or you’re not sure about this whole “religion” thing, there will be something new for you to learn, so we encourage you to attend as many of these meetings as you can.  We’re sure you’ll receive a blessing from them.

The Grain Valley Community Center is located just south of I-70 on BB Highway.  To get there, take I-70 to the Grain Valley exit and simply follow the signs.

PostHeaderIcon Revival

Last week our little stone church on the corner hosted a set of revival meetings in preparation for the Amazing Facts Prophecy Seminar coming up in October and November.  Elder Dean Coridan, president of the Iowa-Missouri Conference, was our guest speaker for the meetings, but the meetings were special not because of who was speaking, but because of the messages being delivered.

The meetings started on Wednesday night, when Elder Coridan preached about the feeding of the four thousand out of Mark 8.  The main focus of the sermon was on the phrase “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod,” meaning to beware of hypocrisy.  He also warned to be careful of calling anyone a hypocrite without knowing the situation they are in, as their apparent hypocrisy may be something they’re struggling for victory over, and not outright rebellion, which is a more accurate definition of hypocrisy.

Thursday night Elder Coridan preached about the parable of the wedding feast found in Matthew 22.  He reiterated the point from the previous night about rebellion being hypocrisy by explaining about those who went their own way after being invited to the feast.  He continued his sermon with a reminder of the call that has been made to all the church to invite everyone we meet, good or bad, to the feast, which represents Heaven.  His final point was that in the end it doesn’t matter so much whether you were good or bad, but whether you are properly prepared for Christ’s returning.  Even those who have been horrible people can have their lives turned around by God.  Conversely, those who have lived good lives can be lost if they have not become ready for Christ’s return.

Friday night Elder Coridan preached on the parable of the unforgiving servant found in Matthew 18.  He explained how the first servant in the parable owed a debt that he could never repay, much like the debt of sin that we all owe.  However, when he asked the king to have patience with him, the king forgave this enormous debt.  This is how God has forgiven our sins if we have simply asked Him.  Conversely, this same forgiven servent beat his fellow servant over a very small debt owed to him, causing the king to demand payment in full of the previously-forgiven debt.  The cost of forgiveness for us, then, is that we must also be willing to forgive those who have wronged us.  If we cannot do that, we have no place in God’s kingdom.

The revival meetings wrapped up on Sabbath morning with Elder Coridan preaching on three parables from Matthew 24-25.  He started off contrasting the faithful and unfaithful servants and how each of them treated his fellow servants.  He explained that the beginning of the unfaithful servant’s problems was his attitude that he had time to change his ways later, only to find the master returning suddenly and finding him mistreating his fellow servants.  Next was the parable of th ten virgins and another lesson about being ready at unknown times.  All ten took lamps and oil, but only five were prepared and took extra oil.  These five entered the feast while the other five were left out in the dark.  Finally Elder Coridan spoke on the parable of the talents, explaining how the first two servants, who invested their talents, were wise servants, and the act of investing was much more important than the amount of return or even the amount initially entrusted to them.  These three parables all speak about those who would consider themselves saved, but contrasts those who will actually be saved against those who will be told “Depart from me.”

All told, these revival meetings were a real eye-opener for those in attendance.  For those who were not there, you missed out on three blessed nights and one blessed morning of Bible-based teaching.

For those of you who were not able to attend, Here are direct links to the podcasts from each of the sermons from the revival.  I highly recommend listening to each of them, as they are all filled with excellent teaching.


PostHeaderIcon Bible Studies

This post is being made on behalf of Kyle Tumberg, who is a Bible worker and will be working with our church over the next few months as we prepare for the evangelisting meetings coming up in October and November:

For the next few months I will have the privilege of serving as a Bible Instructor in the area.  It is always exciting for me to meet new people and to help them deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Over the past six years I have been blessed to have worked in several different states and study the Bible with hundreds of different individuals.

As I begin my work here in the Kansas City area, I am again looking for people interested in studying the Bible.  Maybe you want to devote more time to Bible study but have trouble finding the time to do so, maybe you have tried to study end-time Bible Prophecy but just can’t seem to understand it as well as you would like, maybe you would just like to know more about what the Seventh-Day Adventist church teaches, or maybe you would like to learn how to give Bible studies to others, if so, I believe I can be of assistance to you.  If you, or someone you know would be interested in meeting with me for Bible studies please let me know, or if you would like to learn how to give Bible studies yourself please join us every Wednesday evening at 6pm at the church where we will be discussing practical tips and pointers as to how to do this blessed work. Don’t feel as though you would be over-burdening me, it is truly a joy to me to engage in this work.  Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you!  You may reach me by using the form below.

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PostHeaderIcon Vacation Bible School

A couple of weeks ago, our little church put on vacation Bible school for the children in our area. Bailey Mills did a wonderful job of putting the event together and leading throughout the week. We had an average turnout of around a dozen children, which is pretty good considering this was our first VBS in several years.

Our theme was “Castles and Crowns”, so the lessons centered around kings and queens from the Bible. Each night we had a different storyteller to tell the children about that night’s king or queen.

Recreation time consisted of games either from or inspired by medieval time games and tournaments. The children really enjoyed the games and getting to run around outside at the church each night.

Carrying the “Castles and Crowns” theme into the crafts, the children made crowns and treasure chests. They also made picture frames and Bible covers that were a great fit for the Bibles they each received on the last night of VBS.

All in all, VBS was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for all involved, from the youngest child to the adult workers. It was a very tiring week, but it was well worth it to share God’s love with the next generation.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who helped make VBS as special as it was: Bob and Jean Hon, Gary and Connie Maasen, Ken and Naomi McFee, Mike and Shelley Riddle, Connie Hickman, Pastor Chaviano, Bill and Helen McGinnis, Connie Thomas, Judy Schiefelbusch, Coleen Vest, Joyce Reeden, Teri Bradbury, and Bailey and Brian Mills.

PostHeaderIcon Welcome To Our Website

Welcome to the brand new website for the Oak Grove Seventh-Day Adventist Church! You’ve found our little church on the corner at a very exciting time. We’ve just recently begun a new initiative to reach out to our local community and meet not only their spiritual needs, but their physical needs as well.

We’ve started a food drive for the local food pantry, which is moving along quite nicely. We’ve got a rather large supply of food which we will be dropping off in the near future, and we’ll hopefully collect even more food after that for the next drop off day.

We’ve also got a few handyman-types at our church looking for ways to help out our neighbors with projects around the house, so if you’ve got a project that’s grown to more than you can handle, hit the Contact Us link on the left side of this page and let us know. We just might be able to help you tackle it.

We have a few other exciting things coming up in the near future at our church. Vacation Bible School is coming up July 28th through August 1st, from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. We’ll have more info on that posted here in the very near future, so make sure to check back soon if you’re interested in VBS. We also have a garage sale coming up soon. More info will follow when we have the exact date for that set.

Don’t forget about our weekly worship service, each and every Sabbath at 11:00am, and Sabbath School before that at 9:30am. We also have a fellowship meal each week after the worship service,prepared by the best cooks our church has to offer, so feel free to visit us and get nourished, both spiritually and physically. You won’t be disappointed.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you for visiting our website. No matter how you found us, we’re glad you’ve taken the time to stop by and find out a little more about us. We hope to see you at a Sabbath worship service soon!

Our next Sabbath School class will be today at 9:20 a.m.

Our next Sabbath service will be today at 11:00 a.m.

Our next Prayer Meeting and Bible Study will be August 28th at 7:00 p.m.